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Cafe des delices

Vive la baguette! Despite its reputation as a dieter’s worst nightmare, the humble bread loaf is actually very good for you – if made properly. And in this, like many things, the French prove to be leading the charge: although they consume a diet high in saturated fat, the French have relatively low levels of coronary heart disease, especially when compared with people in Britain and the US. Part of the answer of course is delicious, naturally made bread.

Unlike what you’ll find at the local supermarket, we leave out the chemicals and use the age old technique of time to produce our bread. We believe that real bread cannot be hurried because, like grapes in wine-making, our dough needs plenty of time to mature and for natural sugars, nutrients and flavour to be unlocked. Our master bakers use our own 24 hours fermentation process, which gives our bread a bubbly caramelised crust, and light and airy loaf that stays fresh long after baking. We use no additives or preservatives and all our food is made from scratch from the best natural ingredients, fresh, everyday in our kitchen.

Cafe des Delices is pleased to offer FREE DELIVERY within 3 km around the Café.

Support your local coffee shop by getting your coffee, pastries, Breakfast, lunch & breads delivered right to your car or door every day from 7am to 3pm.

(Min order of $20-No surcharge)

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